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Our 9 Best Crystal Courses!

By Mystic & Holistic Expert Joey Wargachuk

Crystal Foundation Certification (Value $111) Over 2.5 Hours 

If your New to Crystals this is the best place to start. intro to all the essentials to the mysteries and magic of the crystal kingdom.

Crystal Reader Certification (Value $111) Over 2.5 Hours 

Unlock the messages from crystals and learn the keys to crystal divination.

Chakra Crystal Certification  (Value $111) Over 2.5 Hours 

Dive Deep into Chakras and their meanings as you unlock the keys to balancing Chakras with Crystals

Crystal Alchemy (Value $111) Over 1.5 Hours 

Learn the Magic of Crystal Pairing and creating crystal combos that energetically work.

Crystals for Angelic Protection & Healing (Value $111) Over 1.5 Hours 

Connect to the power of the Angels with the magic and wonder of the crystal kingdom. 

Crystal Grid Boot Camp (Value $111) Over 1.5 Hours 

Deep Dive into the fundamentals of Grids and learn the art of creating powerful and effective energy vortexes that change the energy of your life and space. 

Crystal Astrology Certification (Value $111) Over 3 Hours 

Combine the wisdom of astrology and the magic of crystals to unblock cosmic drama and to really transform your life based on your zodiac sign. 

Crystals for Love & Relationships (Value $111) 1.5  Hours

Tap into the power of your heart Chakra and bring the love you desire into your life with the magic and wonder of crystals. 

Crystals for Wealth & Abundance (Value $111) 1.5  Hours

Step into the vortex of prosperity and luck as you unlock the fundamentals of money magic with crystals

Total Value of Bundle $999 With Over 18 Hours of Video instruction

  • This Offer Included Lifetime Access
  • All Courses Are per-recorded Video Classes! Start and learn at anytime on your schedule

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By choosing our crystal healing bundle, you'll:

  1. Unleash the crystal healer within you
  2. Tap into the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices
  3. Enhance your intuition and psychic abilities
  4. Create lasting, positive changes in your life
  5. Connect with your inner self and the universe

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Joey Wargachuk

Senior Instructor

Joey is a digital marketing specialist, tarot and crystal expert, and certified Reiki Master, teacher, futurist and novelist. Joey studied Fashion Marketing at the International Academy of Design. Joey Wargachuk is proudly an Approved Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and an accredited international training provider Ref: IPHMNC3005 From a young age, intuition and spiritual practices have been a profoundly essential component to Joey’s life. Clairvoyant talents, a magnetic attraction to the divine, and vibrational understandings of crystals developed early in Joey. When his beloved grandmother willed to him the gift of Tarot as a teen, Joey immediately felt the power.

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Joey Wargachuk is an Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Offering In person, Online, and 1 on 1 Mystic & Marketing Training

Reviews & Testimonials

“I found Joey to be very thorough, and explained well. Definitely interested in learning more. If I lived in Toronto I would most definitely visit the store and learn more.” (Intro to Chakras & 22 Energy Healing Crystals Candice Lee Ray).

This course gave me detailed information and confirmation of some things I already knew and some I didn't know.  It's a great introductory class on how to work with both crystals and chakras, but the best part is learning how to use them together.” (Intro to Chakras & 22 Energy Healing Crystals Heather Cook)

This was a great course. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for a crystal 101 class.” (Crystal Foundations Certification Megan Avalos)

I have always loved crystals but have never learned about their individual properties and ways to use them. This course was very interesting and a great introduction to further my learning. I hope there will be future sessions. Joey was a great teacher; the subject matter was explained clearly and was easy to understand. Thanks.” (Crystal Foundations Certification, Rebecca Ruff)

“I absolutely loved this workshop, as well as the instructor! He was extremely knowledgeable and fun!” (Crystal Foundations Certification, Aubrey Willey).

The overriding theme that pervades Joey's presentation is his obvious love for crystals.  As love is the key to the spiritual path, I am sure that many students will walk through the door with him.  Blessing be!” (Intro to Chakras & 22 Energy Healing Crystals, Roger Joyeux)

The information was presented with enthusiasm balanced with factual knowledge.  Joey is always an engaging instructor.  His passion for the topics he teaches is evident.  The quizzes were very helpful, as were the visual aids and examples.  A few exercises or interactive content would improve the course, such as something where you have to recognize a crystal based on its appearance or drag-and-drop stones into a grid.  Great course!  I will recommend it without hesitation.” (Crystal Foundations Certification, Lisa Marsan)

"This was a great crystal learning experience and gives you a great introduction of what you can do with crystals this is a great add on to my dowsing/healing that I do, thanks Joey." (Crystal Foundations Certification, Stuart McPhillips)