Join Us Friday February 11th 7pm est

Live On Zoom ( Yes! There will be a replay!)

Through the veil of forgetfulness, humanity has forgotten their connection to the ancient land of Lemuria and their lifetimes within it. Thankfully, we came here at this time to remember! This timeline holds wisdom codes and keys for living in alignment with unconditional love, unity consciousness, activating our soul gifts and abilities as well as the profound teachings of balancing our inner masculine and feminine energies. What we are currently experiencing as a collective, through the falling of what we once knew is directly connected to the timeline of Lemuria. When this grand collective shift began in 2020, I received a powerful message that this is, indeed, humanity's opportunity to re-write history and respond to the falling in a new way that allows us to re-build the Golden Age. Humanity is now on track to remembering and raising our resting frequency higher to align with the most abundant timeline for the Earth & all involved and connected.

This Lemurian Remembrance Journey we take together will provide you with insights into a range of topics both factual and feeling-based. You will have the opportunity to journey into this timeline yourself through a guided meditation channeled from the Akashic Records and will be provided with resources and reflection questions to deepen your connection to Lemuria and your Lemurian Self. Bring a pen & some paper to this Live Event to record any and all information that comes through to you in the meditative journey. 

Course Outline

Course Introduction:

1.   Introducing Practitioner & her connection to Lemuria
2.   Overview of what will be covered. Why you are “remembering” and not learning.

Introducing Lemuria:

1.   What is Lemuria? Where is Lemuria? Who lived in Lemuria? How/ Why did Lemuria fall?
2.   Why is the timeline of Lemuria relevant today?
3.   Why are there so many different accounts of Lemuria (and Atlantis)?
4.   What are Lemuria Seed Crystals? 

Introducing Timelines:

 1.   What are timelines? (past, present & future explained)
2.   What are the dimensions? (3D, 4D, 5D explained) 

Soul Gifts:

 1.   Brief understanding of the 12 chakras
 2.   What are Soul Gifts? How do we recognize & activate them?

~ Meditation Experience ~

Reflection Questions & Additional Resources

1.   Integrating what you just learned about yourself
2.   Code to access the online course for FREE outlining all information covered, adownloadable meditation & channeled messages from the Akashic Records
3.   Recommended resources
4.   List of Masculine & Feminine Activities for balancing energy

 Cost: $47.47