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A Easy Guide to steping into your power and creating a magical practice with crystals.

What is Crystal Magic?

Your Crystal Alter

Basics 101

  • Caring for crystals
  • Clearing and energizing
  • Setting intention
  • Uses for Crystals

Crystals by Element 

Crystals and forces of magic

Crystal Reading

Birthstones & Crystal Astrology

Crystals & Candle Magic 

Crystal Talisman/Amulet Bags

Crystals for Your Psychic Gifts

Crystal Mystic Healing 

Crystal Gem waters, elixirs, teas and essential oils 101

Crystals and symbols

Pulling it all together

Crystal Magician Activation “Guided Meditation” 

Cost: FREE

Length: 75 mins

Hosted By

Senior Practitioner Joey Wargachuk

Joey is a digital marketing specialist, tarot and crystal expert, and certified Reiki Master, teacher, futurist and novelist. Joey studied Fashion Marketing at the International Academy of Design. Joey Wargachuk is proudly an Approved Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and an accredited international training provider Ref: IPHMNC3005 From a young age, intuition and spiritual practices have been a profoundly essential component to Joey’s life. Clairvoyant talents, a magnetic attraction to the divine, and vibrational understandings of crystals developed early in Joey. When his beloved grandmother willed to him the gift of Tarot as a teen, Joey immediately felt the power.