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Are you seeking to develop your intuition?
Perhaps it is for energetic protection? 
Or to deepen your spiritual connection?

For the next 15 minutes, I invite you to join me for this mini FREE Meditation Workshop: Mind-Body Connection to Develop your Intuition!

My name is Sabrina Mabel and I am a Meditation Reiki Teacher with a Master of Education in Developmental Psychology. I empower my clients to create a life they love through mindful compassion, emotional wisdom, and energetic boundary work.

In this FREE Mini Meditation workshop, I am fostering a space for you to discover the power of the Mind-Body Connection in developing your intuition. 

When you learn to be embodied: to connect and be with your body, your mind transforms; and you begin to pay attention to your intuition.

Intuition is that ability to follow your heart or your gut feeling, leading you to your life’s purpose.

The Mind-Body Connection allows you to deepen your intuition by reconnecting with the wisdom of your body, and choosing to act and think from its wisdom, rather than the harsh inner critic of the mind.

Ready to explore and deepen your mind- body connection to lead a life of intuition?

Get your journal, and begin watching this FREE Mini Meditation Workshop: Mind-Body Connection to Develop Your Intuition!

Want to learn more about your Intuition?

Join me February 9th from 7-9PM ET on Zoom. 

I am leading a virtual 2-Hour Intuition Meditation Workshop with Happy Soul Inc for you to discover the power of your mind’s eye, energy, and emotional body wisdom.

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Junior Practitioner

Sabrina Nicholson

Sabrina Mabel is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Tao Healing Hands Practitioner, and Empowerment Coach with Master of Education in Developmental Psychology. She is trained in Mindful Compassion, Holistic Education and Intuitive Meditation. Sabrina is the Founder of Sacred Soul Melody and her signature program Breathe with Boundaries: supporting empathic healers to release anxiety and be empowered through Emotional Embrace and Boundary Mastery. As a Reflector by Human Design, Sabrina has a unique energetic blueprint naturally allowing her to channel messages for the collective, leading others to reach their highest soul potential. Sabrina is also a Public Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, and Co-Author of We Are The Sacred Feminine Rising, a 2021 International Best Seller!