Join Us on a Journey of Transforming You're Homes Vibration

Video Course ( Watch Anytime!)

Transform your space into a high vibration healing sanctuary. Learn how to create with crystals sacred living environment that will bring balance to the blurred the lines between our work/life. Influencing energy in our home is important.  Utilizing the power of crystals to become the architect of energy in your space.

A well-balanced home creates an environment to thrive. From the front entrance to your primary and secondary living spaces, Tania will introduce you to the advanced crystal healers approach to crystals you can use to ground, balance, uplift and protect each space with the matrix of high vibe crystal energies.  

During this comprehensive 2-hour Video seminar with Tania, you will be trained in the knowledge of: 

  • Clear understanding of how to cleanse and balance energy at home to create a healing space 
  • How to visualize and program crystals with your highest intentions in each space at home
  • Advanced crystal selections to obtain in your home and the optimal transformational effect
  • Crystals for primary and secondary living spaces in your living space
    1. Front entry
    2. Living Spaces
    3. Home Office/Homework
    4. Sleeping spaces for both Adults and Children
    5. Bathrooms
    6.  Deepest and most cluttered Closets
    7. Basements
  • Utilizing crystal grids within your home to create intentions of miraculous energetic transformation
  • Recorded Group discussions and Q&A

 Cost: $33