Working with crystals to channel information is an extremely profound way to build a relationship with your crystal, your intuition, and yourself. Crystals have many healing properties to assist you in raising your vibration, the vibration of your space as well as programming intentions into a crystal for support in certain aspects of your life. In this mini training, Jordan will walk you through the steps in connecting with a crystal (specifically Lemurian Seed Crystals) for the purpose of channeling messages and receiving insights.

In this training session we will explore;
  • What are record-keeping crystals?
  • Why are Lemurian Seed Crystals special? 
  • What are Lemuria Seed Crystals? How do you channel them?
  • How to communicate with crystals and build a deeper relationship 
  • Questions to ask your crystals & how to receive the answers
  • Keeping a crystal channeling journal 
  • Learning from Jordan's experiences 
  • Dedicating crystals to certain activities & desired frequencies 
  • A channeled story from a Lemurian Seed Crystal & the Lemurian timeline