Astrology is experiencing a come-back in our current times, so there’s never been a better moment to familiarize yourself with this enigmatic art. For many, astrology is just what the horoscopes you see on the newspaper or on your daily Co-Star notification. There is so much more to that! 

You may know your own zodiac sign, and you may even know your rising and your Moon sign. But how deeply do you know the rest of the zodiac? The entry to astrology for most people is the zodiac, and there are some very simple keys to understanding how the zodiac operates. This course is great for those who are ready to learn more about astrology but are not sure where to start! That's why I'm here! 

In this 2 hour online seminar with Sarandipity, you will learn:

  • What astrology is, and the foundation on which it operates

  • What a natal chart is, where to find one for free and the logistics behind it

  • The different sections/grammar of the natal chart

  • The underlying rules by which astrology functions

  • Understanding Dualities & Triplicities

  • The basic building blocks of the zodiac and how to put them together to gain a fundamental understanding of each of the signs of the zodiac

  • Where to start in astrology to find the keys to your best self

 Cost: $22