Pendulums are a beautiful tool that can be used to help you navigate your experiences and journey! Many have found that the pendulum guides them to a better path along with assisting you with activities like grounding! Everyone starts somewhere and I am happy to help you get started on your journey with pendulums. This very quick and easy workshop will set you up for success on your path to exploring pendulums! Join me as I walk you through the basics of picking and work with your pendulum!


During this short online workshop with Alicia, you will learn:


  • What is a pendulum, where they come from, and the history of how they came about
  • Different types of pendulums: wood, metal, crystal (there is a lot of debate in this area, I want you to use what feels good to you. If you don’t connect there’s no point)!  
  • Where do the answers come from? Is it from connecting to source energy, spirt guides or the Akashic records?
  • Getting started (clearing and charging your pendulums) and establishing what yes, no and maybe looks like.
  • Good questions to ask and how to word them!
  • Keep your mind clear and grounded. You can influence your answers by focusing on the answer you want to see. So, keep the question in mind.
  • Different accessories and books
  • Working with other modalities
  • Finding objects can be done with floor plan or maps (you’ll need to divide up areas to narrow your search.
  • Most importantly have fun!


Junior Practitioner

Alicia Rose

My name is Alicia and I’m the Retail Manager at Happy Soul! I was very lucky to have grown up in a house where reiki and crystals were a part of everyday life. I didn’t truly understand my calling until my mother ended up in the hospital many years later, and I was truly able to reconnect with my true self. After completing my reiki training, I realized this was something that needed to be shared with others (much like me mom had done with me growing up). I’ve been able to run my own reiki classes from my home and have also run group training with past retail jobs. I’ve felt inspired over the past few months and really connected to what I would like to teach, and feel like I have a lot to bring to the table.