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Joey Wargachuk is an Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Offering In person, Online, and 1 on 1 Mystic & Marketing Training

Tarot Master Certification

This is a twelve-section certification course on reading tarot cards for your own use, and to read for others.


--Course Outline—


Section One: Introduction to Tarot

  • A brief history
  • Debunking Myth vs Facts
  • Traditional vs Modern
  • Working with the Cards
  • Selecting your Deck
  • Clearing and Protection
  • Energizing and Storing
  • Crystals for Tarot

Homework: Connecting to the Cards Assignment 


Section Two: Major Arcana

  • What is the Hero’s Journey?
  • Understanding the Mono Myth and the Human Experience
  • It’s All about You 
  • Meeting the Major Arcana
  • Unlocking Themes and Symbols
  • Understanding the Hermetic's of the Major Arcana 

Homework: 3 Card Reading Assignment    


Section Three: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups

  • Exploring the Themes of the Minor Arcana
  • Meeting the Cups
  • Exploring the weight and interactions in readings

Homework: Connecting your experiences to tarot Assignment


Section Four: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Pentacles

  • Exploring What Money has to do With Spirituality
  • Meeting the Pentacles
  • Exploring the Weight and interactions in readings

Homework: Evaluating your mindset and money with Tarot Assignment 


Section Five: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Wands

  • Finding Happiness and Understanding What is Life Purpose?
  • Exploring the Wands
  • Exploring the Weight and interactions in readings

Homework: What is your Passion Assignment 


Section Six: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Swords

  • Your Thought and Conflict!
  • Exploring the Swords
  • Exploring the Weight and interactions in readings

Homework: Understanding blockages with Tarot Assignment

Section Seven: Mastering Court Cards

  • Seeing the Court Cards as People
  • Leaving, Entering or already There! How to discern?
  • Allies or Villains? Resource or Challenge?
  • Integrating court cards and expanding the readings with vivid detail

Homework: Finding the secondary characters in your story with Tarot Assignment 


Section Eight: Exploring Readings

  • Exploring Layouts
  • Demonstrations and Fun
  • Meet the Celtic Cross
  • Creating your own Layouts Made Easy

Homework: Create your own layout Assignment 


Section Nine: Numerology & Astrology in Tarot

  • The History of Numerology and Astrology in Tarot 
  • Number Themes of the Suites
  • Using Numerology to zero in on dates and times
  • Using astrology in Tarot
  • Your Sun Sign and Tarot

Homework: Understanding Number Themes and What is your SUN/MOON/RISING cards Assignment 


Section Ten: Specialized Readings

  • Exploring Complex Themes in Tarot
  • Types of Readings and Tarot Specializations 
  • The Top 10 Questions you will Get 

Homework: Finding Your Sweet Spot as a Reader Assignment 


Section Eleven: Reading Reversals

  • The Truth about Reversals
  • 5 Fundamental Ways to read reversals
  • Traditional Reversals 
  • When to integrate Reversals into your practice 

Homework: Reversal challenge assignment


Section Twelve: Starting Your Tarot Practice 

  • Tarot Ethics 
  • What is a Tarot Persona?
  • Personal Practice vs Professional
  • Building Your Brand
  • Where to Read

Homework: Pro-Reader Checklist Assignment 


Those that complete all twelve sections and pass the test will receive a Tarot Master certificate!

Receive PDF Download material:

- Tarot cheat sheet

- 8 layout spreads

- Tarot numerology

- Tarot and astrology

- Creating your Tarot Brand

- A digital copy of all course material (108 pages) upon completion of the course

This is a Video Course Filmed in 2022

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Workshop Highlights

Meet Joey Wargachuk


Maureen Shadden

Tarot Master Certification

Joey is amazing and puts off great energy through the whole course. He gives great information on each of the 78 cards and makes them easy to learn. I will definitely be looking into the other courses he has to offer.

Lisa Marsan

Crystal Master Certification

The information was presented with enthusiasm balanced with factual knowledge. Joey is always an engaging instructor. His passion for the topics he teaches is evident. The quizzes were very helpful, as were the visual aids and examples. A few exercises or interactive content would improve the course, such as something where you have to recognize a crystal based on its appearance or drag-and-drop stones into a grid. Great course! I will recommend it without hesitation.

Megan Avalos

Crystal Master Certification

This was a great course. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for a crystal 101 class.

Workshop Highlights

  • Introduction and History of Tarot
  • All 78 Tarot Cards in a traditional deck
  • Court Cards and how they are people in your everyday life
  • Reversals of Major Arcana and how to use the 4 reversal fundamentals
  • Using Astrology and Numerology of the Tarot to get accurate dates and times of events
  • The Art of Tarot readings through “The Hero’s Journey” story telling
  • Reversals of Major Arcana and how to use the 4 reversal fundamentals
  • Psychic Development of your Third Eye and using intuition with cards and full readings
  • Using Tarot Layouts and mastering the core 8 and how to create your own!
  • Growing and creating your tarot reading brand
  • Building your Tarot Reading Reach
  • Where to get readings


Senior Practitioner Joey Wargachuk

Joey is a digital marketing specialist, tarot and crystal expert, and certified Reiki Master, teacher, futurist and novelist. Joey studied Fashion Marketing at the International Academy of Design. Joey Wargachuk is proudly an Approved Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and an accredited international training provider Ref: IPHMNC3005 From a young age, intuition and spiritual practices have been a profoundly essential component to Joey’s life. Clairvoyant talents, a magnetic attraction to the divine, and vibrational understandings of crystals developed early in Joey. When his beloved grandmother willed to him the gift of Tarot as a teen, Joey immediately felt the power.

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